DesignsByGamma is the brain child of Northern California resident Paul Plescov.


He started working on Graphic Design in 1997 in High School with ROP Graphic Arts. Moving forward he continued to learn different programs and ways of designing at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA and later transferred to San Francisco State University where he continued his training in their Design and Industry field. In 2004 Paul went out on his own and started his first design company ID51617 which later turned into ID:Gamma and now has become DesignsByGamma.com.


“You can always tell a GAMMA Design, Its always so clean!” ~ Jeremy Curl.


Paul Plescov has been working around printing presses since he was 14 years old where he was hired on for 6 hours a week working at the El Dorado Super Intendent of Schools Print shop in Placerville, CA. Later returning to print when he started his own company was in need of a print company that he could count on high print quality and quick turnarounds.

Gamma teamed up with Chicago based printing company M13 Graphics (www.m13graphics.com) and has maintained his position with them since 2004 as M13 Graphics West Coast Rep, helping handle customer questions, orders and shipping. Together Gamma and M13 Graphics are an unstoppable combo that has lead to some excellent designs that not only look great on the web but come out looking exactly how you want them too when they are printed to.